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Hello, Gorgeous!


You know within your soul that there is a divine power in rising together in order to make this world a better place.


You know you are up to big things in this world and it's imparative that you surround yourself with high vibrational people.


You are seeking epicness in this world because you yourself are providing that for others.


You know it's your time to rise to the next level of your own personal evolution.


You are reading the books, implementing the important mindset work and actively committing to all elements of growth in order to give your unique gifts to the world and be of service, however you find yourself being around people and within online groups which are draining you, instead of fueling your fire.


You are actively seeking a group of souls who'll utterly understood the importance of whom you surround yourself is what you, yourself, will experience and quite honestly you are ready for more than what most desire.


You often feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.


You wonder if there is anyone really out there who will understand you.


You are starting to question if you really can trust anyone enough to share with them how you truly feel about your huge expansive visions.


Lovely, put your hand over your heart and breath.


That's it. Breath.


You are reading these very words for a reason.


Trust your soul, your highest self and your inner compass.


You are seeking abundance in all areas of your life and you are ready to be with a soul tribe of women until the end of the year.

You are ready to meet people offline and make genuine human connections and business collaborations like never before.


** Your network is YOUR net worth **


I have lovingly created Together We Rise a members group for highly intuitive soul driven women who know they are not here to play small.


In this group:


I provide ways in which you can quantum shift your reality to truly reflect what you desire.


I will share all I do to up level exponentially; spiritually, energetically, personally and financially.


You will:


- Know how to truly embody your message on video to increase your visibility exponentially 

- Understand the buying psychology that enables your soul clients to invest multiple 5-figures in an instant and create a 6-figure launch and beyond

- Have complimentary access to all monthly support groups advertised until 1st January 2019.

- Create ease and flow in your day 

- Know why being from a place of play increases your profits immediately

- How to get featured in the media to take your message to millions (think FOX, CNN, Forbes etc)


This is also a place where you can breath, connect and find the freedom and fun in what it is you do in this world, without judgement or prejudice.


An exclusive online place for #soulsisters for the remainder of 2018... until we meet in person at many the #TogetherWeRise events (where you'll magnitise your manifestations). 



- Live Q&A's 

- Exclusive behind the scenes of my own business strategies and how you can rinse and repeat according to your specific offerings

- Mastermind Days (only accessible for Mastermind members)

- 1:1 Coaching (in person on Mastermind Days + plus live streams)

- Guest Experts (such as  How To Grow Your YouTube channel)

- How to stand out and be featured in the media (Forbes, CNN, Fox, etc).

- Complimentary Platinum Tickets to all Together We Rise public events worldwide in 2018 (Value £997 per ticket)

- Support until 1st January 2019

- Unlimited Instant Messenger Access/ WhatsApp Access until 1st January 2019.



£4997/ $6597 (USD)  

Terms & Conditions can be found HERE. By committing to the payment, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Payment non-refundable.

Together We Rise - Mastermind Group

(After payment, you will be sent to the secret Facebook Group within 24 hours.)

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