4 Ways To Know If You Are On The Path To Success

These days success can mean a myriad of things for so many people and I get it, I totally unequivocally understand.

Perceived notions of success can appear as sports cars, designer handbags, reaching millionaire status, standing on stages in front of thousands, being featured in magazines to heading to the airport and visiting new places (just because you want to and can do so).

Other elements of success can simply be flexibility, financial freedom, happiness, helping others, working from anywhere and knowing every night as you fall asleep, you're doing exactly what you love.

Did I mention travel?

Whatever success looks like for you, the way I see it is, as long as what you're doing is something which is giving you happiness (and all above board) that IS the epitome of success. Who's measuring stick do you need to compare it to?.

The road to my own success has been documented publicly as I believe in showing more than the highlight reel. The power of social media can be used for good, if used with transparency. Therefore I choose to show people what it really takes to change your life and strive for success (from my personal perspective, one woman to another).

If you read and consider the following and still desire to go after the success you seek, you'll know you're ready to be successful:

Be willing to forgo financial security.

In order to earn what we desire, have the freedom to travel and create a business we adore it mean the words "the buck stops with you" really does mean that. The positive being it means the ability to increase your earnings is also down to you and that level of sacrifice, responsibility and possibility doesn't sit well to some.

Be prepared to lose some friends.

Striving for your own personal ideal of success is just that, personal. For example, if the money you're making whilst doing what you wholeheartedly thoroughly enjoy, meant you were able to take a loved one on a surprise holiday and travel First Class would you? Or would you be worried about being perceived as a 'show off'.

Some won't understand your desire to happily pay for comfort and luxury for a few hours, when to others it's the same price of a car.

We all hope our friends will be happy and supportive of us (as we would be for them), but be prepared, some in your circle might not be.

Even the strongest of relationships are tested.

This is often a consideration most will not entertain, however I am being utterly honest. When you strive for more (time, money, health and love) there is the possibility that the person you love won't be on board, want to try or open to new ways of thinking or living. Now whilst the ideal scenario is they'll lovingly join you, what if they don't?

There are many examples of relationships becoming stronger and both of you being on the same page, however there are also many examples of the opposite.

When we strive for success we cannot remain the same, after all old ways won't open new doors. Making the decision to pursue your version of success will demand a newer version of you.

Be prepared to embrace change.

Taking that big gulp, endless scenarios being played over in your mind, breathing in deeply, legs shaking, palms sweating, heart racing, these are all merely the beginning.

There will endless occasions which will ask you to rise above past fears, people's opinions and loved ones disapproving looks (to mention just a few). You'll question your sanity, you'll wonder why you started, you'll doubt if it's even possible, you'll become more self aware and you will astound yourself.

No one said success was easy, but I promise, if you have an insatiable desire for living a life pursuing what you seek (your truth), you won’t regret it. After all, isn't that what life is all about?

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