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Stacey Louise Sargison is a Forbes featured Life Coach, TEDx speaker and journalist who travels the world whilst helping others figure out what they truly desire, get out of their own way & create a life on their terms.

Her live stream videos have been viewed over 1 million+ times and she has been featured in Forbes, Forbes Women, SABC, BBC and also writes regularly for Thrive Global.

Hello, Gorgeous!

I set up my business a few years ago after losing my way, climbing to the top of the corporate ladder within the Hollywood film industry as an Analyst.

Whilst I enjoyed my job (mostly) I used to wake up crying knowing I was meant for more, but I didn’t know what that looked like. I couldn’t shift the desire of wanting to make a positive difference to others, to not be beholden to annual leave allowance about when I could spend time with those I love or go to the doctors to find out the results of a health scare (really!).

My life changed forever when I was on the red carpet with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for the World War Z premiere. It was when all the flashbulbs from the press were going off, fans screaming and people telling me that millions of people would love our job.

Not even Brad Pitt could stop me from wanting to find myself again.

I saw an inspirational quote flash up on my newsfeed and I was ready to take radical responsibility for the life I desired:

What you seek is seeking you. - Rumi


It was time to make a change and find someone who could help me find myself and find out what life could look like.

It was in that moment I stumbled upon personal development and it changed my life completely, since then I vowed I would help others to be honest with themselves, live their truth (whatever that looks like for them) and help them to show up in their lives, online and within their business with courage, confidence, conviction and truth.

I truly believe vulnerability, passionate communication and surrounding yourself with like minded souls is the way forward, not only in business but in life also.

I am a Life Coach, Visibility Mentor, Content Consultant and international Speaker and I specialise in communication, connections and content.

Since I started to document my own personal journey I been viewed over a million times, I have been featured in Forbes, Forbes Women, BBC, SABC and spoke at TEDx in Massachusetts, which received a standing ovation from hundreds of attendees.

I have hosted events and workshops around the world, worked with hundreds of private 1:1 clients and passionately create online communities of thousands of epic souls, which focuses on empowerment thorough vulnerability, one particular complimentary Facebook Group is called ‘Genuine Human Connections’.

Much love,

Stacey x

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